Sonic & All-Stars Racing transforms onto 3DS

If you spend your time on a bus, train, ferry or other form of slow-moving public transport, Sega would like to offer you a speedy alternative. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is headed to the 3DS this week, and promises to bring racing action to your handheld, even when your real-world surroundings don’t quite match up.

Gamers familiar with the console versions of the game will understand that Sonic & All-Stars Racing isn’t just set on racetracks on solid ground. Instead, you’ll be popping behind the wheel of a transforming vehicle, racing your way across land, air and water.

There’s always a bunch of characters instore (who else did you think made up the SEGA All-Stars? There’s 22 of them!), and the 3DS version also features NASCAR racer Danica Patrick and the unique Wreck-It Ralph. That said, the 3DS version also throws in one more very special character: You! Your Mii is set to appear in the game right alongside Sonic, and the game also features StreetPass challenges and features, as well as eight-person multiplayer using either multi-cart or single-cart play.

The game hits Australian retailers on February 7th, with an exclusive bonus edition featuring a playable Metal Sonic (along with his transforming vehicle), plus a new track, challenges, time trials, and in-game stickers for your driver’s license!

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