Frozen Synapse: Tactics headed to PS3, Vita

Frozen Synapse, the PC cult hit of 2011, is officially coming to both PS3 and PlayStation Vita, as Double Eleven and Mode 7 announce plans for Frozen Synapse: Tactics.

Demi Gounari, is Art Director on Frozen Synapse: Tactics:

We are thrilled to be working on Frozen Synapse; our vision is to reinvent the game’s aesthetics and interactivity in the same way that Mode7 reinvented strategy gaming with this title.

Mark South, COO for Double Eleven explains that this is “not simply a transition of the original” – instead, it’s been given a complete makeover, tailoring and perfecting the game for its console release.

Paul Taylor, the co-founder and joint MD of Mode 7 says:

Frozen Synapse proved that turn-based strategy doesn’t have to be about people with misguided beards prodding tanks into lonely hexagons. We have put our trust in Double Eleven to translate our original vision for a PlayStation audience; they have impressed us with their commitment to creating a completely new version for Sony’s awesome hardware. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.

The asynchronous tactical combat simulation game took gamers and critics by storm when it was released back in 2011, with many praising Mode 7‘s unique style of gameplay – a “refreshing change” from modern traditional RTS.

No specific release date as yet for Frozen Synapse: Tactics, beyond the rather broad “2013” – and, similarly, no word of an Xbox 360 release. While you wait, here’s our Frozen Synapse (PC) review!

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