Akaneiro: Fully funded via Kickstarter

Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, the upcoming action/RPG from American McGee’s Spicy Horse studio, has been fully funded via its Kickstarter campaign. A last-minute dash saw the game sneak over the line in the final moments, raising $204k of its $200k goal.

McGee is, unsurprisingly, over the moon, and more than a little exhausted.

I’m really looking forward growing this connection we’ve established with you all.

For now… go play Akaneiro.

I’m going to go fall over.

The chorus sings: “What’s next?”
As McGee himself writes, the next few days will see Kickstarter getting itself organised, and then a team at Spicy Horse will get to sending out virtual items and other campaign rewards. While that’s going on, the dev team will knuckle down, meaning delivery date information should be on its way shortly – and the entire studio will work on the game proper.

For those of you who missed out on this campaign or are still chasing one last Alice poster, our PayPal site will remain up for another two weeks. You can purchase in-game pets, Alice rewards or full tiers if you like. Pets are there as add-ons and the site supports purchasing items in quantity (since many of you were asking for that).

Akaneiro is currently playable via Kongregate, SpicyWorld and Steam, with the Kickstarter drive helping Spicy Horse to add polish and a few additional features.

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