Remember Me soundtrack is a bit unusual

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Remember Me, but that doesn’t mean the French developers at Dontnod haven’t been hard at work on the project. Today, we get an insight into the music behind the game – but if all that behind-the-scenes stuff isn’t your bag, there’s a chunk of gameplay footage here for you as well.

Olivier Deriviere and John Kurlander are working together to create a score that – like Remember Me itself – is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Capcom Unity describes the sound as a “modern twist on a classical foundation”, something tailored perfectly to suit the game’s futuristic Neo Paris setting.

This isn’t a game that looks like a Hollywood blockbuster, so why should it sound like one? Sure, the tunes behind Remember Me are provided by the London Philharmonia… but once they’ve been recorded, the composers are getting their grubby paws all over it, digitising, distorting and glitching the lush orchestral tracks into something better suited to the dystopian atmosphere that Nilin faces.

Remember Me is due out for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in May 2013 – keep an eye out.

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