Killer is Dead gets American, European release

Grasshopper Manufacture‘s new one, Killer is Dead, is officially headed to both Europe and North America, thanks to the tireless efforts of Deep Silver and XSEED, respectively. The game’s now also been given a snazzy new website, a pretty logo, and we’ve taken a moment to revisit the first-look trailer.

The game has been kept relatively quiet, with creator Suda 51 explaining last week that it is ‘a title that picks up where killer7 and No More Heroes left off”, suggesting that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Shinichi Suzuki, President and CEO of North American publisher XSEED Games

XSEED is ringing in the New Year by sharing a glimpse of our upcoming lineup of great titles for 2013, including the exciting partnership for KILLER IS DEAD, the newest creation from KADOKAWA GAMES and SUDA51, which I personally selected to bring to the US market. In the coming year, we will release an array of solid action and role-playing games that are sure to delight fans through a combination of high quality gameplay and well-crafted localization.

Killer is Dead is set in a “not-so-distant future” that’s not quite the same as the world we live in today. You step into the shiny shoes of executioner Mondo Zappa – Japanese katana in one hand, interchangeable weapons in his left (augmented) arm. His goal – and yours too – is to dispatch various “heinous criminals” dotted around the world and beyond.

The stunning cel-shaded artwork, combined with Suda-san’s trademark sense of style, means that Killer is Dead is definitely one to watch – and with a Western release now on the cards, there’s no excuse not to get hyped. The game’s due out around the middle of the year.

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