Neverwinter reveals beta plans, Founders program

If you want to be one of those people who knew about the game before it was cool, Perfect World and Cryptic have revealed the Neverwinter Founder program. In exchange for handing over your hard-earned real-world cash, you’ll be given a bunch of in-game items, as well as guaranteed beta access to the upcoming free-to-play MMO, Neverwinter.

Craig Zinkievich, Chief Operations Officer and Executive Producer at Cryptic Studios explains:

Neverwinter offers players a dynamic experience with its engaging action gameplay and unique content such as daily lore quests, looting and party-oriented dungeon delves. After several months of alpha testing, we are thrilled to expand our pool of testers with the upcoming Neverwinter Beta Weekends while offering fans the opportunity to become a founding member of Neverwinter through the Founder’s Pack program. We look forward to fostering a community of passionate players that will help us to make Neverwinter one of the greatest MMORPGs of all time.

Of course, if you’re not keen on forking over US$199.99 for the Founder pack with guaranteed beta access, you can take your chances with the rest of the world – Cryptic has confirmed three beta weekends will be held across February and March, with each weekend providing up to 60 hours of access to the unreleased game.

Dates are still to be confirmed, either for the beta or for the full release of the game – but Neverwinter is reportedly eyeing off a release in “early 2013”.

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