Fuse slips from March 2013 release window

Upcoming console shooter Fuse has been delayed. While that’s disappointing for gamers who wanted to get their hands on the near-future co-op experience, the silver lining on this cloud is kind of obvious. Originally slated for a release in the over-crowded March market, Insomniac‘s latest can now stretch its legs a little when it’s launched before the middle of the year.


EA CFO Blake Jorgensen made the announcement today during the company’s fiscal third quarter earnings call, and didn’t really elaborate on the why.

We’ve decided to move the launch of Fuse to Q1 of fiscal 2014.

Q1 of fiscal 2014 translates to a timeframe between the beginning of April and the end of June this year, so – optimistically – the game might only have been bumped back a matter of weeks, rather than months.

EA COO Peter Moore has confirmed that the delay will see Insomniac able to put “extra work” into the game.

That said, Fuse is already looking pretty fantastic – for more information on the PS3/Xbox 360 release, why not revisit our interview with Insomniac Creative Director Brian Allgeier!

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