Dead Space 3 devs planning "disturbing" DLC

Dead Space 3 hasn’t even hit shelves yet, but executive producer Steve Papoutsis is already hinting at the game’s first batch of DLC, headed our way in just a few short weeks. While he says it’ll be “disturbing”, we’re not sure it can be any worse than the soundtrack choice for the game’s latest trailer.

…yes, that is Phil Collins. No, we don’t know why. Moving right along…

Remember back when a game was “finished” when it was launched? No patches, no DLC, no extra story modes? Those were the days… but now, for better or worse, this is what we’re looking at.

In a new blog post, Papoutsis teases that Visceral isn’t relaxing yet, even though Dead Space 3 is just a few days away from launch.

The team is hard at work on a top secret additional story that will be coming in a few weeks. We’re not saying much, yet – but think ‘disturbing’ to get your imaginations going.

He also mentions Day 1 DLC content, including new suits (Marauder, Sharpshooter and Tundra Recon), as well as the Mass Effect armor announced last week. These may or may not grant you any actual benefit in-game, but they sure make you look pretty in co-op.

Dead Space 3 is available right now as a demo on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, with the full version arriving on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC starting February 5th. Stick around, we’ve got an interview with Visceral coming very soon!

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