Unreal Engine 3 brings Epic Citadel to Android

Want to see how delicious the Unreal Engine 3 looks on your Android device? Epic Games wants you to, too – so the developer has released Epic Citadel specifically designed for your chosen handset.

[img_big]center,10765,2013-01-29/DroidScreens_1280x800_04.png,Epic Citadel[/img_big]

More than just a demonstration of what the engine is capable of, the new Epic Citadel also includes a benchmarking mode and a bunch of updated visuals, for – as they say – added depth.

Jay Wilbur, vice president of Epic Games explains:

While we’ve licensed our engine to help developers build and ship many fantastic games for Android, ‘Epic Citadel’ is our first internally developed product to be released to Android users. It’s a free, easy way to check out the high-quality experience Unreal Engine technology delivers on mobile devices.

So – what features do you get bundled in with this new app? It’s all been created with the same Unreal Engine 3 tools and technologies that are behing best-selling games for PC, console and mobile, now viewable for the first time on Android.

  • Amazing visuals. “Epic Citadel” pushes the envelope for modern visuals on Android devices. Through the latest advances in Unreal Engine 3 technology, the application delivers unrivaled graphics and special effects that immerse players in the kingdom’s grounds.
  • Benchmarking mode. “Epic Citadel” enables users to gather performance data for Android devices through its benchmarking mode, which displays frames per second stats, quality settings and resolution details.
  • Realistic reflections and animations. Environment mapping and other high-end rendering techniques produce lifelike reflections, and vertex deformation and skeletal animation bring trees and banners to life with dynamic movements.
  • Global illumination. Unreal Engine 3’s built-in global illumination system, Unreal Lightmass, provides realistic lighting and shadows with minimal development resources.
  • Dynamic specular lighting with texture masks. Sophisticated graphics features impart a tangible quality to cobblestone roads and vivid reflective marble surfaces, while lens flares and light coronas add dramatic emphasis when panning across light sources.

[img_three]10765,2013-01-29/DroidScreens_1280x800_01.png,2013-01-29/DroidScreens_1280x800_05.png,2013-01-29/DroidScreens_1280x800_03.png,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

It’s not quite a game, but Epic Citadel gives gamers the ability to navigate through the dynamic fantasy setting later explored in Infinity Blade. Stroll around the circus bazaar or maybe the cathedral – wherever you choose, Epic Citadel is dazzling.

…but while you celebrate this small victory, Android-owners, I have some bad news for you: Infinity Blade, the game that makes (very) good use of the technology on show in Epic Citadel, will remain an iOS exclusive.

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