SimCity detailed for Mac OS

Until now, SimCity has been a largely PC-only affair. It was announced as a PC/Mac exclusive, but the Apple side of things has remained awfully quiet… until today. While we still don’t have a release date for the Mac version – and yes, it is launching after the PC copy – we do have a few more details about what’s in store for our Apple-flavoured friends.

An official FAQ on the SimCity website explains what’s going on: The game will arrive in “Spring 2013” (so, “before June” for those of us in Southern locales), and it’s not a port.

Instead, EA and Maxis have put in the extra effort to create a “full native version” that will run on Mac OS – and this is precisely why things are taking a little longer than anticipated.

However, the benefits of working out a new version means that it can do everything the developers want, including running on relatively low-spec machines (Snow Leopard + Core 2 processor), and this nifty little revelation:

Everyone is playing together on the same servers. That means PC and Mac users will be building the world of tomorrow, together.

Other big news: You’ll be able to get Limited and Digital Deluxe editions of SimCity for Mac, but this version of the game will only be available as a digital download – sorry to all of you who wanted a boxed copy.

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