Glitch assets released under Creative Commons

Just over a month ago, beautiful, creative, ethereal MMO Glitch closed its doors for good. The game’s legacy lives on through projects like The Art of Glitch and The Glitch Soundtrack – and today, developer Tiny Speck has announced that assets for “nearly all of the in-game items” are being released under a Creative Commons license.

The Piggy Sprite Sheet from Glitch

The Piggy Sprite Sheet from Glitch

Glitch was comprised of hundreds of fun, smiling, wiggling, talking, sighing, racing, flying things, and those things are still quite fun on their own. We’d like to let you use those things to awaken your inner Giant and imagine something new for them to do.

The Attribution – NonCommercial – Share Alike license means that you are able to use, share and even remix Glitch assets to your heart’s desire, as long as you share the end product under the same sort of license, you attribute the source, and you don’t make any money from the project.

So now, all you need to do is head over to the Glitch Encyclopedia and find the inhabitant or object that you’re interested in. Each page now has a Sprite Sheet section, with many also featuring an Animated GIF or two to show you the asset in action.

The Tiny Speck blog continues:

We realize there was a lot more to the game than just the items, but getting these assets online is the extent of what we were able to do right now. We hope to eventually be able to provide even more assets from the game and to change the licensing terms to something which allows a broader range of uses.

Even at the moment, these are available for a pretty broad range of uses. The images can be put on your personal website, in your not-for-profit game (that is released under a Creative Commons license too), or for any number of other non-commercial use, as long as you attribute Tiny Speck and share the love. Technically, you could even print ’em out and stick ’em on stuff!

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