Fan tattoos himself with Double Fine logo

Video game-related tattoos are nothing new. We’ve seen plenty in our time, and even considered a few for ourselves. It takes a special sort of dedication to ink your favourite game, character or logo into your skin – and one Double Fine fan has just taken things to the next level, tattooing himself with the company’s skeletal two-headed baby.

Neil Clark is an artist. His preferred medium? Books, actually, but he does dabble occasionally in human skin just to keep things interesting.

Art is like a science experiment. I create a problem for myself out of curiosity then set about solving it through trial and error using my knowledge of form and balance.

The official response from Double Fine describes him as “one tough fan” – his tattoo design is inspired by the “special, skeletonized 2hb logo” that Derek Brand and Levi Ryken created for Double Fine‘s new game The Cave.

Clark’s mixed media work also includes tributes to Dovahkiin, and if you’re after a unique, hand-bound journal, he can help you out. Of course, if you’d prefer his artwork in a somewhat more permanent form, Clark also works at Skin Grafix in Greenville, North Carolina (USA).

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