Tekken Card Tournament: The best of both worlds

A new trading card game has appeared on the horizon, with Namco Bandai taking the wraps off of Tekken Card Tournament, which puts an interesting twist on the genre. Rather than simply using standalone cards, Tekken Card Tournament will also feature a free-to-play online battle game, designed for tablets, smartphones and web browsers.

[img_big]center,10729,2013-01-21/_bmuploads_2013-01-21_981_battle_1.png,Tekken Card Tournament[/img_big]

The digital portion is set to launch around the world “in the next few weeks”, says Namco Bandai, while we’ll see physical card packs popping up in retailers sometime later in the year. It’s a true collaboration between both Namco and Bandai, swirling digital fighting experience with card game expertise.

Shusuke Takahara, President of Namco Bandai Games Europe S.A.S. explains:

We are proud to bring to life this amazing project that combines the company’s core strength in both gaming and toys to create this cross media experience.

Yuji Kawada, General Manager, Card Business Department, Bandai Co., LTD. continues:

By bringing the Tekken universe into the game card world and especially through this unique project we hope to offer to Tekken fans and game cards players a unique experience.

If you’re not interested in helping form this groundbreaking mash-up, then by all means, play each part of the game separately. The physical cards form their own standalone game, while the online adaptation also works without any boosters.

On the other hand, once you’ve picked up the cards, if you’d like to integrate them into your digital pack, it’s a simple matter of scanning QR codes. This can upgrade online game characters, or even add new characters if you’re lucky.

[img_three]10729,2013-01-21/_bmuploads_2013-01-21_984_card.png,2013-01-21/_bmuploads_2013-01-21_982_battle_2.png,2013-01-21/_bmuploads_2013-01-21_983_battle_3.png,(Click to embiggen)[/img_three]

…plus, wait for it, Tekken Card Tournament also includes Augmented Reality features, so those Tekken characters might pop up in the Real World, as you point a smartphone or tablet camera at the game cards.

Tekken Card Tournament is set to launch on mobile, tablet and web browsers “soon”, while the physical cards are still a few months away.

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