God of War Ascension shines light on singleplayer

God of War: Ascension is edging ever-closer to its March release date (seriously, all the cool stuff is happening in March), and today we have a sneaky peek at the single-player campaign, thanks to the fellas at Sony. Don’t want to wait until the full game’s launched? A demo has also just been confirmed for Kratos’ latest outing.

This clip, unassuming though it may be, kicks off the official countdown, as we wait for the next chapter of the franchise. Remember, Ascension is a prequel to the award-winning God of War series, giving us a better idea of how everything started. Thanks to that, even if you’ve missed all the other games, you’ve got a perfect entry point into the muscle-bound adventure.

…of course, if you’re already familiar with the adventures of Kratos and friends, and you’ve already duked it out to become arena champion, Ascension will provide a chance to really understand just how things turned out the way they did.

In the leadup to the game’s launch in Australia on March 14th, we’re being teased with more trailers, more details, and more single-player updates, all heading our way thanks to Santa Monica Studios.

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