Suda 51 sticks to what he knows for Killer is Dead

Suda 51 has obviously figured out what he’s good at, and isn’t afraid to stick close to what works. His new game, Killer is Dead, has finally been detailed for the Japanese media, and – predictably – it’s been described as “part Killer7, part No More Heroes“. And why wouldn’t it be?

[img_big]center,10141,2013-01-16/killerisd1.jpg,Concept Art from Killer is Dead[/img_big]

What we’re looking at is the impeccably-named, impeccably-groomed Mondo Zappa, a 35-year old American executioner. Zappa is well-suited to the job, and is talented with a katana, however, embedded into his left hand is a gun that can transform into a drill. (It comes in handy when you want to perform an “Adrenalin Burst” attack, which involves absorbing your enemy’s blood and “dark matter”.)

Other characters include 25-year old Brit Vivienne Squall, and Zappa’s 20-year old assistant Mika Takekawa, who is talented in the kitchen (particularly when it comes to Zappa’s favourite food – soft-boiled eggs). Brian Rozen is Zappa’s boss, who manages the executioner’s office.

Then we have Victor, who looks a little like a bony, green-skinned classical composer, with glowing eyes. He – appropriately – manipulates emotions through song, and plans to use this special skill to bring evil to the world.

Remember, Killer Is Dead is not an outright sequel to Killer7, but there’s certainly more than a few similarities in feel and presentation, and the new game does take inspiration from its predecessor, with sources also referencing classic flick, Boondock Saints.

Both Grasshopper Manufacture and Kadokawa Games are working on the project, currently due out in Japan in Summer 2013 for both Xbox 360 and PS3. We’re waiting on any official Western announcement with crossed fingers.

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