Real Racing 3 takes speed to the streets

These days, racing games pride themselves on accurate re-creations of real-world racing tracks. Aussie studio FireMonkeys has taken things to the next level, carefully plotting out the real-world streets of Melbourne to design an all new track exclusively for Real Racing 3. All the details are in the team’s latest developer diary, which also pops in on the iconic Australian track at Mt Panorama and discusses just how the whole thing’s done.

Of course Real Racing 3 features plenty of other locations as well as this new take on Melbourne, plus cars from a bunch of high-profile manufacturers like Porsche, Audi and Dodge.

With the improvements achieved with Real Racing 2, the team aimed to raise the bar on expectations and continue to give their artists the ability to create the most realistic graphic effects on cars on an individual basis.

FireMonkeys has crammed realistic reflections, glosses and finishes onto their customisable cars – and this all somehow manages to fit onto a gaming platform you can fit into your pocket. Real Racing 3 is aiming for a late February release for iOS, stay tuned for more updates.

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