Diablo III details PvP in upcoming 1.0.7 patch

Hanging out for a bit of PvP in Diablo III? You’ll still be waiting a while to get your hands on a complete, separate game mode, but as a bit of a stopgap, Blizzard is putting the finishing touches on the patch which will introduce duelling to the game.

Patch 1.0.7 for Diablo III

Patch 1.0.7 for Diablo III

Patch 1.0.7 is the one you want. Once it’s live, it’s a simple matter of heading to the New Tristram Inn, talking to an NPC known as Nek the Brawler, and you’ll be escorted to a new area – The Scorched Chapel. This is where the magic happens – and by “magic” we mean “one on one battles” or, for the more adventurous, free-for-all action with up to four players.

It’s all a bit of fun, too, as Wyatt Cheng explains:

The game doesn’t keep score and there are no objectives.

We wanted dueling to be as simple and straightforward as possible, so we created a minimalist system — we know that even without rewards and objectives, some players just want to beat each other up. Some matchups may be one-sided, and we don’t expect that battles will be necessarily balanced. But that’s okay, because dueling in Diablo III is more about kicking ass and taking names in a no-holds-barred sort of way, and this design certainly allows you to accomplish that.

A few more details:

  • Death is not permanent in the dueling zone, even for Hardcore characters
  • You don’t take any durability damage while in the dueling zone
  • When you’re done dueling you can take a portal out or use your Town Portal to return to town.

For this to all work neatly, the Monk and Wizard are having their combat abilities tweaked, there’s some new Monster Power changes, quality of life improvements, and Blizzard is tidying up the Diablo III crafting system.

No date on the 1.0.7 patch for Diablo III just yet, but it’s expected “soon”, so keep your eyes peeled!

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