Team Fortress 2 retires nine original hats

Back in 2009, Valve took the gaming world by storm when it introduced a line of snazzy headgear into Team Fortress 2. The original hats – one for each character class – were brought in as part of the Spy vs Sniper update. For many people, this signaled the beginning of the end, as the class-based shooter broke down into a purely hat-related exercise. Now though, it’s the end of the beginning of the end, perhaps: The original nine hats are being retired at the end of January.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

There are, reportedly, more than 250 hats featured in the game, so you probably won’t miss these nine, set to disappear in just two weeks.
The list of retirees includes:

  • Batter’s Helmet
  • Soldier’s Stash
  • Pyro’s Beanie
  • Demoman’s Fro
  • Football Helmet
  • Mining Light
  • Prussian Pickelhauge
  • Trophy Belt
  • Fancy Fedora

Simply put, while you’ll still be able to trade these soon-to-be-collectibles (and they might pop up in older crates), they will no longer drop or be craftable. The “official reason” includes spoiled mayonnaise and racoon poop, we make no promises for the condition of your hats.

If you don’t want your hats to give you diseases, don’t buy them out of warehouses, that’s my advice.

Team Fortress 2 is free to play, and available right now for PC and Mac. Act fast if you want these hats, ladies and gentlemen!

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