Dead Space 3 unveils unusual Dev Team Edition

In a unique, and decidedly sensible move, Visceral Games is offering a collector’s edition of Dead Space 3 that you can buy without the game. The super-shiny Dev Team Edition is packed with goodies, and available either with a North American region copy of the game (for your chosen platform), or simply as an add-on version in case you’d chosen to acquire your game elsewhere – digital PC build, midnight launch, existing pre-order, different region… or maybe you don’t want the actual game but have your eye on a cool water bottle.

What we have here includes a custom molded and painted Black Marker statue (which the developers hope won’t drive everybody insane), an aluminium Data Pad (10″ x 7″ hinged aluminium flip book) featuring framed PET sheets, the very, very nice 14oz Med Pack Water Bottle, a SCAF Jotter covered in Dr. Serrano’s notes, a handful of SCAF posters, Peng Postcards and a 96 page Dead Space 3 Art Book, produced exclusively for the Dev Team Edition.

Money-wise, you’re looking at US$160 if you’re in the U.S., which includes a copy of Dead Space 3 – or US$100 if you just want the add-on part. The Dev Team Edition of Dead Space 3 may or may not be available at your local retailer of choice, so please shop around. Or, if you’d like, check it out online and explore the digital side of things.

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