Blizzard's Cinder Kitten raises $2.3m for charity

Towards the end of last year, Blizzard – like so many of us – was devastated to see the effect of Superstorm Sandy on the east coast of North America. The World of Warcraft developer decided to do something about it, and promptly released the Cinder Kitten pet into the World of Warcraft virtual store. Now, a few months later, the game company has donated the proceeds to the American Red Cross relief efforts: More than US$2.3 million.

Cinder Kitten from World of Warcraft

Cinder Kitten from World of Warcraft

The Cinder Kitten is a “fiery little feline looking for a home to warm”, costing gamers US$10 of real-world money.

The Cinder Kitten doesn’t just have good looks — this kitty has claws, and makes a purrfect addition to any Pet Battle team. The Cinder Kitten has Rare-quality stats and is a part of the Elemental family. This not-so-cool cat uses many Beast abilities in addition to Dragonkin and Elemental, and can also Prowl, Leap, and Rend its way to a 3-hit combo against its foes—and look good doing it.

For the month of December, Blizzard announced that 100% of the adoption fee for the kitten would be given to charity in ways that would assist victims of Superstorm Sandy. Gamers were more than happy to support this plan.

We’re not going to do the math and work out just how many Cinder Kittens were sold for Blizzard to be able to make such a generous donation, but we’re hoping that WoW players remember, a kitten is not just for Christmas – Pandaria cannot handle an influx of feral cats.

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