Tennis Hot Shots Galaxy: Game, Set, Space?

The Australian Tennis Open is set to, ahem, open in Melbourne next week, bringing two weeks of top-class tennis to the land Down Under. At the same time, the World Tennis Challenge has just wrapped up in Adelaide, which included – among other things – a doubles lineup featuring Martina Navratilova and Pat Cash. But the racquet action doesn’t finish on the court or on the tv – Aussie developer Millipede Creative Development has a brand new action tennis game specifically for kids, and it’s available right now on your iDevice, absolutely free.

[img_big]center,10705,2013-01-10/Galactic-action-shot-2.PNG,Tennis Hot Shots Galaxy[/img_big]

Taking gamers far away from the grass courts of Adelaide and the hard court of Melbourne, Tennis Hot Shots Galaxy sets up three new playing spaces: Galactic, Jurassic and Spooky. Each location features its own environmental hazards, as well as some glorious unique artwork.

  • Fun tennis action: Take control of your player and defeat a host of out-of-this-world opponents as you climb to the top of the rankings
  • Create the player you want: Customise your player in the Pro Shop from an incredible range of traditional and crazy clothing and equipment
  • Out of this world: Play through three themed worlds—Jurassic, Spooky and Galactic—each with unique environmental hazards
  • Powerup: Unlock and use crazy powerups, such as Mega Forehand, Lightning Lob, Sonic Boom and Atomic Smash. Time your shots to maximize power and placement
  • Challenge your friends: Add friends and prove who is the best Hot Shot by getting to number 1 in your friends’ list. Look out for your friends’ avatars cheering you on during matches

Now, while it’s great fun, Tennis Hot Shots Galaxy has also been designed to be a little educational – Tennis Australia is running its MLC Hot Shots program, which encourages kids to head to a local club to whack a ball around with their mates. The game even features its own built-in pedometer so you (and the kids) can see just how active you are! (Plus, the more you move, the more coins you’ll earn, and the more cool stuff you can buy in the Pro Shop).

Tennis Hot Shots Galaxy - A selection of avatars

Tennis Hot Shots Galaxy – A selection of avatars

This is actually the second game from Millipede and Tennis Australia – the first was a top 10 game in the Australian Sports and Role-Playing iTunes charts, was featured in the App Store’s “What’s Hot” list, and racked up more than 70,000 downloads around the world.

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