Capcom reads 60k "very telling" survey results

Capcom wants you to know that the studio cares about you, pays attention to your feedback, and particularly listens when you fill out surveys. More than 60,000 people recently told the publisher about their favourite franchises and voted on what sort of downloadable games they’d like to see in the future.

According to Senior Vice President Christian Svensson, the data collected was “very telling”, and has helped put together a prioritised list of things to work on. “Conveniently enough,” says Svensson, “Many of them are things we’ve been pushing for for a while”.

[img_big]center,7354,2011-04-21/Data_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,Mega Man Legends 3 Project[/img_big]

…don’t expect them to start rolling the changes out to retail just yet though, as Svensson writes in a recent forum post:

My next task is to convince the gatekeepers in Japan with the data (which they have in their possession) and ensure what we’re working on fits with the complete digital strategy for the company.

Games of this sort take a couple months to greenlight and usually a year or more to make, so again, to set expectations, please don’t expect any new news being driven from this survey in the short term. That said, we do have games already in development in this segment, some of which you’ll hear about a bit later in the year.

From the looks of the forum, gamers are particularly interested in a little title known as Mega Man Legends, not-so-secretly hoping that it will be resurrected as a downloadable title in the near future. We’re assuming Capcom is now well aware of their desires, and will deal with it accordingly.

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