Akaneiro Update: Open Beta! Linux! Comics!

When it comes to action-RPG Akaneiro, what would you like most? An open beta? A version for Linux? A comic book? Well, all of those things are in the works – and you can even play the open beta right now, thanks to the tireless efforts of the gang at Spicy Horse.

Following a successful closed beta test, the open beta officially features a few new bits and pieces like advanced character training and weaponry improvements, as well as a new environment style and enemy that is still under development. Want to be a part of it? Head to Angry-Red.com and click the appropriate buttons before January 16th!

In other news, the project’s Kickstarter fund is growing nicely, already up over US$50,000, and the team is currently announcing stretch goals for the game.

Unsurprisingly, American “Linux-fan” McGee has already named a Linux version of the game if the devs can raise $233,000 – and to prove how serious he is, a little Tux-inspired pet penguin has been added to the reward tiers.

Today’s big news, however, is that Akaneiro, the action-RPG based on Little Red Riding Hood and an assortment of Japanese folklore, will be receiving a comic book adaptation thanks to the folks at Dark Horse Comics.

American McGee explains:

Though I hate being categorized as some sort of auteur, I’m thrilled to be working again with the rocket-scientist sex machines at Dark Horse. Our previous collaborations with Dark Horse have produced stunning results, like the art book for Alice: Madness Returns. It’s a perfect marriage of art and execution.

With a storyline penned by Star Wars: The Clone Wars author Justin Aclin, and illustrated by Conan The Barbarian‘s Vasilis Lolos, the Akaneiro comic is all about a young lady named Kani. She is – predictably – torn between two cultures, as she sets out on an epic adventure to pursue her destiny as a member of the Order of Akane.

Akaneiro, in-game

Akaneiro, in-game

Aclin and Lolos make their own interpretation of the new, monster-hunting Red Riding Hood, exploring mythological Japan and targeting the devious Yokai.

The original, three-issue story, designed to expand the Akaneiro universe, will feature covers by Spicy Horse artists currently hard at work on the game. Keep an eye out, the series is set to debut on May 22nd!

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