SimCity hits play on introduction video

Pay close attention to this video. As impressive as it is, when it actually hits shelves in its final form, I guarantee you won’t let it play through it in its entirety. This is the introduction video for SimCity, which will play while the game loads, as soon as you log in. It’s packed with gameplay footage, showing off multi-city play and even gives a quick glimpse of the in-game Space Centre.

Watch it now, drink it in, and remember that after March 8th, you won’t be able to click through it quickly enough.

Remember, thanks to the new GlassBox Engine, EA and Maxis have ensured that everything you see there is simulated, rather than being set pieces. Every kilowatt of power and every litre of water, plus up to 100,000 individual Sims running around your city – or your region of cities. You’re no longer restricted to just one township, either. Multi-city gameplay means you can manage an entire region if you’d prefer – up to 16 cities all at once with individual specialisations!

Alternatively, hand over control, and jump into a bit of multiplayer (a first for the series) and collaborate or compete with your neighbour to earn achievements and build the greatest cities you can.

What kind of mayor will you be? You’ve still got a little while to make up your mind: SimCity hits our shelves on March 8th, exclusively for Mac and PC.

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