Tomb Raider shows off how multiplayer will work

As rumoured and later confirmed, Tomb Raider really is getting multiplayer, with Eidos Montreal taking over development duties. Today, thanks to Chuck actor Zachary Levi, we get a good look at just how this whole process works.

This new episode of The Final Hours of Tomb Raider takes us to Montreal (which looks a bit chilly), to discuss the introduction of online competitive gameplay into a largely single-player franchise, exactly why another studio had to be brought in for the process, and how wonderful facial hair can be when it comes to fundraising. (Stick with it, there’s plenty of gameplay footage tucked away here!)

Unlike Mr. Levi, Lara herself does not appear in multiplayer. Instead, you’re given the choice between a team of ruthless island Scavengers, or an assortment of crew members from the shipwrecked Endurance. A number of competitive modes should keep you happy if you’re into that sort of thing – but at the same time, publisher Square Enix acknowledges that, perhaps, gamers are only going to be interested in singleplayer.

Isn’t it nice to have options, though?

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