American McGee wants to Kickstart Akaneiro

If you would like to see American McGee’s Japanese-inspired action-RPG take on Little Red Riding Hood, vote with your wallet. Akaneiro, from McGee’s Shanghai-based Spicy Horse studios, has been posted to Kickstarter, with the developer asking for US$200,000 to help realise “the most complete version” of the game.

Akaneiro is one of the three new games the Alice: Madness Returns developer detailed to us last year. McGee explains:

I’ve really struggled with this idea over the past couple of months. MANY people suggested we (Spicy Horse) run a campaign. I’ve been hesitant. Maybe because I don’t like to ask for favors. Maybe because I’m a little afraid it might fail. It’s a beautiful project… I hope it gets the attention and support it deserves.

Right now, the game is all-but feature complete, McGee continues, with an online closed beta running since November 2012 (an estimated 30,000 gamers have played through the beta from start to end). The dedicated PC client and web version are anticipated to enter open beta later this month.

Akaneiro is also getting plenty of attention and support over at Steam Greenlight, where it is currently sitting at #3 in the Top 100. If the project is greenlit, then Akaneiro will be available via Steam, as well as other key platforms. McGee highlights a Linux version as a potential stretch goal.

We’ve have managed to take Akaneiro way beyond what we thought originally possible. That has been due to the passion and dedication of a relatively small development team. What’s been achieved both artistically and mechanically is fantastic… but it’s just not enough to call the game complete, to satisfy our fans or ourselves.

Backer rewards on Kickstarter currently include wallpaper, avatars and banners, exclusive game items, soundtracks, spirit pets and your name featured in the game, all the way up to an expenses-paid trip to Shanghai China for dinner with the Spicy Horse team.

The project currently stands at $33,000 of a $200,000 goal with 26 days remaining on the clock.

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