The Walking Dead sells 8.5m copies in 7 months

By now, we all know that Telltale‘s interpretation of The Walking Dead is ridiculously popular. If you’d been curious as to just how ridiculous, let CEO Dan Connors give you a number: 8.5 million.

That’s how many episodes of the game have been sold since The Walking Dead first launched, just seven months ago.

[img_big]center,9045,2012-10-08/TWD_Ep4_ClemTrapped.jpg,The Walking Dead[/img_big]

And despite gamers having many chances to get their grubby paws on a little undead action, Connors tells the Wall Street Journal that a significant chunk of those sales happened in the past two months.

What we’ve done is have this online buzz going from April to November and then have this finale to top it off and have that be the biggest event that propels it into the mass market. It allowed us to capture all that early adopter audience but also gives us the momentum to build a product that can reach out to the mass. Instead of paying a bunch of money to drive a bunch of installs, we have all this momentum and recognition that comes from all the work we’ve done over the five months leading up to the Christmas launch. Then the finale happens, and bam, it’s picked up by a much wider spread.

The Walking Dead has arrived on a number of platforms – PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and iOS – and using a similar price point for each episode across each platform has lead to a consistent revenue of “about US$16” per user. That said, Connors admits that mobile is still the best-performing of the lot.

I think we see with iOS products, we see more impact from when the show is on, when there’s stress about the show.

The Walking Dead builds on the successes of Telltale‘s other episodic releases, including Jurassic Park and Monkey Island, and Connors confirms there’s plenty more where that came from (including at least one more season of The Walking Dead)!

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