Microsoft streamlines Xbox Live region changes

At the moment, if you want to migrate your Xbox Live account, it’ll take up to six weeks and an awful lot of work done by actual people. However, Microsoft is currently in the process of testing a new feature that will make things much, much easier for jetsetting gamers.

Xbox 360

Becoming more convenient for travellers

The service, according to Neowin, is currently in pilot, with a number of gamers already moved over. Early testers report that gamer tag, achievements, Microsoft points and any valid Gold subscription time are all ported over to the new region – but you will only be able to move your account once every three months (bad luck if you really are a country-hopper).

Another drawback: Some services are region-locked (think IPTV services), and these will not be portable. Also, any region-specific promotional material or other items will be left behind, and – tragically – your Xbox Music subscription doesn’t make the cut. Blame international licensing laws for those.

The new system reportedly is a matter of “just a few clicks” and works swiftly and easily, a far cry from the painful, drawn-out method that’s involved today.

Stay tuned, Microsoft has been keeping this one quiet, but as it draws closer to international release, I’m sure we’ll hear plenty more.

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