Downloadable Demon's Souls arrives January 8th

If your life isn’t difficult enough, Atlus has quite the treat for you: Demon’s Souls is officially coming to PlayStation Network on Tuesday January 8th. It’s a sign of how well the game has done for itself over the past nine months: In May last year, Atlus announced it would close the servers for good.

Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls

Now, rather than me bringing you up to speed on what exactly Demon’s Souls actually is, the PlayStation Blog got Atlus editor Nich Maragos do it:

It’s a Japanese-developed RPG, made by From Software, but it has a distinctly Western look and feel in the weight of its movements and the ruthlessness of its enemies and environments. It’s a single-player title, but it has a strong online component unlike anything that came before it, where you can summon other players as friendly ghosts to give you a hand, or be invaded by hostile marauders without warning. Its unsparing difficulty seemed to mark it as destined to be appreciated only by a select few, yet it’s been universally lauded and remains our highest-selling title ever.

It’s the same version of the game as you’ll buy on disc, but to ease you into the fiendish world, Atlus is offering a Pure White World Tendency event from January 8th to 14th, slightly reducing the difficulty of Demon’s Souls, and offering fun bits and pieces traditionally only available in the Pure White state.

If you haven’t yet experienced the joys of dying over and over again, next Tuesday could just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Demon’s Souls will arrive when the PlayStation Network store updates, and set you back around US$19.99.

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