Elite: Dangerous fully funded on Kickstarter

Relax, gamers: Elite: Dangerous has officially surpassed its £1,250,000 crowdfunding goal, meaning David Braben’s reboot of/sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed, pioneering video game franchises of all time. More than 21,500 fans have pledged their support to the game, which still has 44 hours remaining, and a number of decent stretch goals to aim for.

Mood concept art for Elite: Dangerous

Mood concept art for Elite: Dangerous

Michael Brookes, Executive Producer on Elite: Dangerous, keeps fans updated:

We recently announced the first stretch goal and that was to release a Mac version of the game within 3 months of the initial Windows launch if the project reached £1.4 million. Today we’re adding a more modest stretch goal, but one all players can benefit from, more playable ships. Early in the project we revealed there would be 15 playable ships in game, if we reach £1.5 million with the Kickstarter then we’ll add another ten playable ships to the game.

There’s also a new £25 limited availability reward, which will snag you a copy of Elite: Dangerous plus an extra 500 credits to your starting balance.

…and the best bit? This all happened on David Braben’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Braben! Happy new year!

If you’d still like to pledge, please head to the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter page and hand over some cash!

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