Video Interview: Brian Allgeier talks Fuse

Back in the 1940s, the U.S. Government ordered the coverup of an alien crash site. Sure, broken UFOs are dotted all over the Arizona desert, but this one – at an undisclosed location – was different. Hidden among the wreckage, scientists had discovered a new substance, unlike anything they’d ever seen before. Over the following decades, this new element, named Fuse, proved to be quite useful, particularly when it came to creating powerful new weapons.

Of course, as with all things Top Secret, military, and weaponised, a rogue organisation named Raven has learned about the mysterious Fuse, sending in operatives to steal the alien substance for their own purposes. This, my friends, is where you come in. This is the world of Fuse.

…don’t let me hog the limelight though – we’ve got Brian Allgeier, Creative Director of developer Insomniac Games, to explain things in a little more detail.

Fuse itself has been described as a mixture of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol when it comes to teamwork and dry humour, plus bits and pieces (and weapons) from District 9, while the titular Fuse element is likened to the Smoke Monster from Lost.

The game looks stellar, even though it is pretty different to what we first saw at E3 2011 (recent changes reportedly worrying some early-adopter fans). Allgeier has hinted that at least one more gameplay mode will be revealed before the game’s launch in March 2013, but will Fuse be unique enough to stand out in a sea of me-too shooters?

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