Retro Resident Evil 6 costumes up for grabs

As the rest of the world concentrates its efforts on making games look shinier, newer, more detailed, it seems that Capcom and the Resident Evil 6 team are heading in the opposite direction. Just look at these brand new costumes offered for the game – are they a blast from the past or what?!

New retro Resident Evil 6 costumes

New retro Resident Evil 6 costumes

Those seven spectacular bits of fan service are, of course, inspired pretty heavily from the classic Resident Evil games that came before. We’re talking glorious, blocky designs, pointy corners and some stunning traditional outfits.

The actual acquisition of these bits and pieces of RE6 swag isn’t so simple. You need to get on the good side of the folks at and line up on December 28th at 8pm Japan time for the online Zombie Mayhem event. (What’s that in your timezone?)

All RE6 fans are invited to join forces and take out as many zombies as possible!

If more than 15 million undead are taken out, then all participants will be able to unlock one costume from this new, retro set.

After that, it’s a matter of keeping an eye on the online events, and getting involved when you can. There are seven costumes to collect, so we’re hoping for at least seven opportunities to unlock a bit of nostalgia! Stay tuned!

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