Elite: Dangerous sets sights on Mac release

Elite: Dangerous has officially crept over the million-pound pledge mark, well on the way towards its goal point of £1.25 million. To celebrate, the fellas at Frontier Developments have announced a nifty stretch goal that should get ’em a few more backers: An official Mac version of the game, planned for “around three months” after the initial Windows PC release.

Elite: Dangerous concept art - Red Giant

Elite: Dangerous concept art – Red Giant

Michael Brookes, Executive Producer on Elite: Dangerous explains that the team has received “many requests” for a Mac version. With just over a week to go on project funding, the apple-flavoured game is being dangled as an official carrot – but only if fans pledge £1.4 million through Kickstarter.

Brookes also asks the game’s 18,000+ backers to “consider a modest upgrade”. If everybody increased their pledge by just £15, the entire project would be funded, but what he’s suggesting is an even cheaper option.

For £32 you get the Imperial Bounty Hunter starting option. For £37 you get the Imperial Trader starting position and a copy of the official novel (written by me – I can’t wait to get started!). Remember if you increase your pledge reward, you generally get the rewards for from the lower tiers as well. Check the reward descriptions on the main Kickstarter page for more information.

Elite: Dangerous is promising a high-end, multi-player sequel to the classic, open-world space trading/combat game we knew and loved 20 years ago. Just like the original, you’ll be given a handful of resources and a small craft, with the entire galaxy laid out before you.

Announced back in November, there are just eight days remaining in its crowd-funding appeal, so if you’d like to step back in time, you’d better act fast and head to Kickstarter.

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