Rockstar reveals GTA: Vice City interactive kiosk

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has already been in the headlines this month, as it makes a glorious appearance on mobile devices. Today, it’s back, as Rockstar digs out a “special treat” from the archives: The first of three interactive kiosks created ten years ago for London’s Design Museum. Today’s instalment focuses on Animation.

Back in 2002, GTA: Vice City was chosen as one of the year’s “biggest contributions to design”, alongside other “newfangled technology” as the Apple iPod.

Part of the nomination and award celebrations saw the creation of these special interactive kiosks for Vice City – focussing on Animation, Sound and City Design – so Museum visitors could get a special behind-the-scenes look at how the game had been created.

Rockstar Games compiled a bunch of rare footage and sketches, including:

  • “Motion Capture” – a rare video showing a cutscene between Kent Paul and Tommy Vercetti going from motion-capture through to 3D model wireframe to finished product.
  • “Sketch Book” – a progression of original character sketches through to final models and now-iconic illustrations of such folks as Lance Vance, Avery Carrington, Ken Rosenberg and more.
  • “Tommy Moves” – a set of clips showing the genesis of Tommy’s animations whether jumping into a Comet sports car, dive kicking a biker off his chopper or running with a chainsaw…

Many of these files and images have not been seen since the original exhibition, unveiled again now as part of the Vice City 10th anniversary festivities. Stay tuned for Parts Two and Three “quite soon”, according to R*.

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