THQ considers developing for Linux

The THQ Humble Bundle raised more than a few eyebrows when it kicked off last month, with gamers a little upset at the Windows-only nature of the deal. Traditionally, Humble Bundle releases are cross-platform affairs, with games simultaneously available for Windows PC, Mac and even Linux. In an intriguing move, it seems that THQ actually listened to the disgruntled fan feedback, and may be preparing something special in response.



Company president Jason Rubin took to Twitter over the weekend, and in direct response to a gamer’s question, explained that, when it comes to developing for Linux, the company is “evaluating the cost/benefit as we speak”.

The direct question, from Cheshire Theyain, was simple:

Can you guys consider doing some games for Linux? I know it seems a small market, but look at what Valve is doing.

Rubin replied that THQ “Got the Linux message [loud] and clear via #HumbleBundle feedback”.

With companies like Valve already dabbling in Linux support, and more and more studios creating games that are Mac compatible, perhaps the Windows stranglehold on PC is growing weaker. Could an end be in sight?

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