Crysis 3 invites you to visit a Hell of a Town

Hell of A Town, the first episode of The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3 online video series has hit the airwaves. It’s part of a collaboration between Crytek and renowned filmmaker Albert Hughes, designed to help prepare the world for the masterpiece that is Crysis 3, set to arrive in February.

Hughes, director of films like Menace II Society and Book of Eli, has been working closely with the development team at Crytek, carefully creating scripts, storyboards and plans for each video – created entirely using in-game assets.

When EA and Crytek approached me about being involved in creating ‘The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3’ video series, I liked the idea of creating emotional stories using only computer generated images. The challenge of producing something intensely human without ever seeing a human on screen was incredibly compelling, and the technology of the CryENGINE that Crytek developed enabled me to do that and venture into a completely unique medium of storytelling.

This is the end result:

Cevat Yerli, Chief Executive Officer of Crytek explains:

The goal with ‘The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3’ video series is to reveal the incredible world we have been building for Crysis 3 and to let CryENGINE take center stage to highlight the power of our state-of-the-art game engine. We’ve worked closely with Albert on this project and think that the 7 Wonders series will show the leaps and bounds that Crysis 3 is making over its predecessors.

Just like the game, the video series is entirely powered by Crytek‘s proprietary CryENGINE. This is a modified, beefed-up version of the engine that we saw behind Crysis 2, this time bringing unparalleled visuals and a bunch of dynamic gameplay to the series.

Crysis 3 tells the story of Prophet, who has returned to New York only to discover that the entire city has been encased in a gigantic dome, created by the Cell Corporation (who are more than a little bit corrupt, don’tcha know).

Areas of today’s New York that are currently bustling city corners and tranquil parks have been transformed by the greenhouse effect of the Liberty Dome, becoming an overgrown urban rainforest, crowded with trees, swamplands and raging rivers. And there are some nasty alien types lurking around too, did we mention those?

Crysis 3 hits PS3, PC and Xbox 360 in late February 2013. Stay tuned for our interview with Crytek Frankfurt producer Mike Read, popping up on Player Attack in the next few days!

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