Tickets for EVE Fanfest 2013 on sale now!

If you were considering a visit to Iceland, may I suggest heading over for April 25-27 2013? That’s exactly when EVE Fanfest 2013 will be rockin’ out in Reykjavik, and tickets are on sale right this moment. This is a big one too, folks: Not only will there be plenty of information about DUST 514, but gamers are invited in to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of EVE Online!

EVE Fanfest

EVE Fanfest

The three day event is set to climax in a “massive party”, where players, developers and executives are set to boogie on down in a celebration ten years in the making.

But wait! That’s not all, of course. Also in store for EVE Fanfest?

  • Exclusive EVE presentations
  • Live PVP tournaments
  • Player/Developer roundtable discussions
  • Updates on DUST 514
  • A pre-festival EVE soundtrack performance by the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra
  • Reykjavik nightlife experience with devs in the CCP Pub Crawls
  • Famous Party at the Top of the World
  • Blue Lagoon Hangover Party

…we like any event that includes a “Hangover Party” on the calendar, so CCP certainly has my vote.

There’s also an assortment of other bits and pieces you can pay extra for – meet + greets with developers, exclusive parties, and we’re evne hearing that the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra will be performing music from EVE as a separate concert – but no price for that one at this point.

CCP head honcho Hilmar Petursson explains:

We’re pulling out all the stops as we head into our second decade of EVE – it’s going to be the most mind-blowing Fanfest ever.

Another nifty little perk of Fanfest is a “spouse ticket” which will grant non-gaming friends and acquaintances entry to the closing night party, but not the convention itself. Not bad, not bad!

Gamers who do want to go lap up all the EVE-y goodness are asked to fork over £79 for early bird tickets, on sale right now via EVE Online.

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