Xbox invites you to a free Kinect Party this holiday

Most game studios release a game at a standard price, and then apply discounts as popularity wanes. Double Fine isn’t like most studios (and Kinect Party isn’t like most games). Starting next week, Kinect Party is hitting Xbox Live Marketplace, and – as an introductory special, will be absolutely free right up until December 31st.

Think of it like a holiday present, an invitation to spend the festive season hunkered down in front of a games console, or something.

…but then again, perhaps not. As we mentioned, Kinect Party – a sequel to Happy Action Theatre – is not like other games, and it’s certainly not a solo affair, best played locked in a darkened room.

Anyone that walks in front of the Kinect will be immediately represented in Kinect Party. It will respond to their input in interesting ways. No complicated gestures to memorize or deep game controls. No signing in, and out, and in again. Just walk up and start playing!

The official date for this one is December 18th – check your local Marketplace for details. Nobody seems quite sure what the price will be in the new year, we’re assuming somewhere around US$10.

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