Secret World dev preps for the end of mankind

There’s some debate over just when the world will end, with 12/12/12 and December 21st the current winning contenders, but some argument that we’ve totally miscalculated and it’s all going down in December 2038. Meanwhile, Joel Bylos, Game Director on The Secret World has apparently got it all figured out, and he’s recorded a video blog to count down the remaining days.

The video has actually caused some controversy among gamers, who seem a little confused and intrigued by the message Joel is putting forward. Whether or not the Mayans were right is neither here nor there, really – but the fact he appears to be hinting at a free-to-play version of The Secret World? That’s a Big Deal.

According to Joel, the video is apparently the first in a series that he is putting together to bring attention to what he calls ‘the end of all things’. Don’t watch it; it’s just nonsense, really. Especially that bit near the end where he tries to force the corporate hand to relinquish the subscription requirement.

So. Either The Secret World is going free-to-play on or around December 23rd, or that change will happen “when the world ends”. That is, according to skeptics, the day that Hell freezes over, pigs fly… or, y’know, never.

Remember as well that the spooky MMO is in the process of sorting out an alternate reality game, which is also themed around the end of days. Hmmmm.

We’ll keep you posted.

(…also, yes, Joel is Australian, but let’s not hold that against him, okay?)

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