17 Sheri Graner Ray talks Equality

While at GCAP earlier this year, Player Attack had the good fortune to spend a little time with Sheri Graner Ray, described as the industry’s leading expert when it comes to gender and computer games. Literally, she wrote the book on the matter: Gender Inclusive Game Design-Expanding The Market, just another highlight in an employment history that includes working on a whole stack of games as varied as Ultima and Nancy Drew, and co-founding Women In Games International.

Particularly following the recent #1reasonwhy explosion on Twitter, which spotlighted many concerns about gender equality in the games industry, Sheri’s passion for equality is no less relevant today than it was when she started in the industry a couple of decades ago.

We’re hoping to bring you a version of Sheri’s GCAP presentation on exactly that topic, but – for now – you’ll just have to make do with this quick chat about this remarkable woman, how she got where she is, and where she thinks we’ll all be going in the future.

After all that, Sheri laughed. Sure, she’s one of the most influential women in the industry, and sure, she’s worked alongside some of the most influential men. A detail she’d like to be more publicised, after all of that: She also professionally shows dogs, and spends her weekends enjoying a bit of high performance driving – specifically, behind the wheel of a stunning yellow and black Corvette.

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