Nintendo spills the beans on Wii Fit U

So – in today’s somewhat unsurprising news category, Nintendo has confirmed that yes, Wii Fit U is a thing, and yes, it is headed to market in “first quarter” 2013. The game itself had been announced back at E3, but then things got very quiet very quickly.

The Wii Balance Board is the best-selling bathroom scale in the world.

…or so we were told at this year’s E3 (we don’t think that means people are meant to use the peripheral in their bathrooms, but still).

This time around, it’s hoping to become the best-selling pedometer in the world, too, thanks to the inclusion of the Fit Meter, which… um… looks awfully like a re-coloured PokéWalker peripheral.

It’s more than just a simple pedometer, of course! There is an altimeter to measure the hills and mountains (and stairs) you might climb in your outing. There is also an atmospheric pressure sensor, so workouts in thin air actually do count for more than those closer to sea level.

All of this addds up and creates a clever little bit of analysis that may even be able to tell you what type of exercise you are doing, based entirely on your movements. That’s then fed back to the Wii U, which reports on what you got up to, and how many calories you burned while doing it.

The game itself is very similar to the original Wii Fit (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it), but there’s a few interesting bits. There will be 77 different activities plonked into eight different fitness categories – some that we’re familiar with, and at least one all-new category set to debut in Wii Fit U: Dance!

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