Job cuts at End of Nations developer

More bad news for gamers looking forward to End of Nations – after the open beta was delayed (indefinitely), we’re now learning that up to 30 developers have been laid off from development studio Petroglyph.

End of Nations writer and game designer Adam Stevens broke the news via his Twitter account:

Well, it appears this winter break will be extended indefinitely.

Lay-offs at Petroglyph. Looking like I’ll be Leaving Las Vegas.

The recent change to beta plans, coupled with refunds for people who had bought the game, has seen skeptical fans convinced that the much-delayed RTS is in fact in the process of dying.

Officially, Petroglyph and publisher Trion Worlds have said that they are postponing the open beta in order to work on “several key areas” of the game, many of which had been highlighted as part of the closed beta process. Community manager Myll Erik explained on the game’s forum that “End of Nations has not been cancelled!”.

Forgive us if we’re not convinced. Petroglyph famously cancelled Mytheon which had already gone through a successful open beta test back in 2011, so the studio already has a history of doing this sort of thing.

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