Report: Del Toro has a new home for inSane

Details are still super, super sketchy about this one at this stage, but we’re hearing reports that Guillermo Del Toro’s horror series inSane may indeed not be quite as dead as we thought it was.

Delightfully-named horror film website Bloody Disgusting reports that, after THQ famously dropped the project earlier this year, Del Toro prepared for a long series of pitches, taking his embryonic game to new publishers and developers.

Turns out it didn’t take anywhere near as long as he’d expected, with the first studio he showed it to snapping it up straight away! (Despite all that, the game won’t be out until 2015 at the earliest, sorry.)

Now. Grain of salt time: We don’t know who this mysterious studio is, nor where Del Toro has made these statements.

We do know for certain that the director did keep all of the rights for the game, and that he was preparing to pitch inSane around the place as recently as last month, when he explained:

When something doesn’t happen in one way, then I just continue pursuing it in another way… If I own the property and I control it, which is what happened with Restraint. We pitched it at Fox and they didn’t want it, we did the books and now we’re on Fox. It’s a full process

I’m not giving up on Insane, it’s truly beautiful, world creation, so we’ll pursue it.

Gamers, film buffs and horror fans alike are all pondering just who has picked up this new project. Del Toro has previously said his dream developer would be Valve, while other fans are hoping for F.E.A.R. studio Monolith or perhaps Amnesia: The Dark Descent creators Frictional, or maybe even a Ubisoft off-shoot, depending on how well it does with ZombiU.

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