City of Heroes players look to Disney for salvation

Fans of City of Heroes have turned to Disney in their latest attempt to save the heroic franchise.

Ever since they found out that superhero MMO City of Heroes was going to be shutting down on November 30th 2012, fans have been constantly trying to find ways to secure the future of the game and franchise, creating petitions, writing email and letter campaigns and generally trying to do everything they can to prevent the loss of the game forever.

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Their latest effort, spearheaded by four key members of the Save City of Heroes campaign, have reached out to Disney for their help in collaborating with rightsholder NCsoft to help save the game.

The story of City of Heroes is one sad but not entirely unheard of. NCsoft, who currently own the franchise, announced on Aug. 30 that they would be shutting down City of Heroes for good; this came as a surprise to everyone. City of Heroes has been operating since 2004, and had an expansion pack on the way that was in open beta.

New York Times bestselling author Mercedes Lackey helped draft the pitch to Disney, and had the following to say:

We believe that Disney and City of Heroes are a perfect match; Disney now owns Marvel and two impending Marvel MMOs which are slated to be mirror opposites of the cooperative, community gameplay fostered by City of Heroes.

By reviving City of Heroes, Disney will be able to satisfy the gaming desires of every player of MMORPGs. In addition, Disney has the reach to effortlessly give City of Heroes the exposure it never had under NCSoft’s regime of benign neglect–and City of Heroes will provide Disney with some extremely unique cross-marketing opportunities. Disney has always understood and fostered community and loyalty–something NCSoft never did. We believe that acquiring City of Heroes will provide Disney Interactive with the logical extension of their games for kids and teens, offering a game that literally the whole family can play.

If Disney did take interest in City of Heroes, there’s no guarantee that NCsoft would be interested in selling the franchise–in a press release in early October NCsoft stated they had “exhausted all options including the selling of the studio and the rights to the City of Heroes intellectual property,” and that in the end, “efforts to do so were not successful.”

The Save City of Heroes campaign points out:

Of all of the MMOs that have been closed down, NCsoft are now responsible for cancelling a third of them – Auto Assault, Exteel, Dungeon Runners, Linage 1 (US/EU), Tabula Rasa and now City of Heroes. To date, it has actively opposed any third party attempts to purchase the intellectual property rights of any of its closed-down games.

Still, you never know, and we wish them the very best of luck! For more information on the Save City of Heroes campaign and how you can help out, check out their website.

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