Battlefield 3: Aftermath available to PS3 players

Battlefield 3: Aftermath has just hit digital stores for PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 Premium members, and will hit other consoles and the PC later in December according to DICE.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath

Battlefield 3: Aftermath

Aftermath features four new maps “in a vertical and horizontal setting, depicting a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst Iran’s post-earthquake devastation.” Included is lots of urban combat, three new vehicles and a variety of new weapons, as well as a new mode of play: Scavenger mode, which is “an objective based conquest where players must brave the environment armed with only one sidearm, as they try to find more powerful weapons in an attempt to survive with their squad.” Sounds like an interesting way to spice things up!

PS3 Battlefield 3 Premium members can download the Aftermath expansion pack today, while non-Premium PS3 players will be able to nab it on December 11th. Premium Xbox and PC players will get it on December 4th, and everyone else will get it December 18th.

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