Five games for Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight

The voting period for the Amnesia Fortnight bundle is over, and Double Fine has revealed the top four five games as voted by you, dear gamer. Sure, there were only meant to be four games chosen, but, y’know, there was a lot of good stuff, and why bother putting restrictions on these things?

The top four games are:

  • Hack n’ Slash – Brandon Dillon
    Hack n’ Slash is an action adventure game focused on exploration and discovery, not just of its charming fantasy world, but also its internal workings. Based on my childhood experiences hacking on games in emulators to discover new things (and break others), Hack ‘n’ Slash is a world of puzzle dungeons based on progressively more sophisticated cheating, hacking, and reverse engineering techniques. Instead of a sword, you get a laptop, searching for and building software to help you dismantle and rebuild the world around you.
  • Spacebase DF-9 – JP LeBreton
    Build a sprawling flotilla-city in space. Peer into the thoughts of its citizens: see their personalities, prejudices, and relationships play out in unexpected ways. Allow visiting ships to permanently join with your base. Take screenshots and string them together into stories to show your friends.
  • The White Birch – Andy Wood
    The White Birch is an ambient platform exploration game in which a young girl climbs a tower to escape a dark and malevolent forest & reach the prize hanging in the branches of a lone white birch tree growing high above. The game will have a similar atmosphere and feel to games like Ico and Journey and will be designed to encourage and reward repeated playthroughs by the use of alternate endings and different prizes hanging from the tree. The tone and story of the experience will be evocative and open to interpretation.
  • Autonomous – Lee Petty
    Autonomous is a first person sandbox construction game set in an 80’s inspired futuristic junkyard world. You must use found objects to construct automatons, which have a mind of their own that you cannot directly control. You must use these automatons to survive the hazardous world around you. Autonomous will be a stylish science fiction game about player experimentation and the sometimes disastrous, but always fun, scenarios that result.
  • Special bonus game! Black Lake – Levi Ryken
    Black Lake is an action adventure game set in a forest filled with the dreams of it’s animals. It follows a hunter’s daughter on a journey to track animals and cleanse their dreams of a darkness that has been feeding on them. The evil has erupted from Black Lake at the center of the forest and is crawling in all directions as a thick dark bramble. With every dream cleansed brambles die away and let you closer to Black Lake.

Want to know why these games were chosen? Well, obviously, because more people voted for them. But if you want to know why people voted, there’s a very interesting Double Fine Action Forum thread going on (started by Tim Schafer himself), where backers are able to offer their two cents.

To give you a better sense of what actually goes on behind the scenes, work on all five of these projects will be have development videos put up via Double Fine’s site – as long as you snap up a copy of the Amnesia Fortnight bundle.

Don’t forget, of course, that there is a bundle that throws all of these games together. Fork over some of your hard-earned cash and you’ll get all five prototype games, PLUS prototypes of Double Fine releases Happy Song and Costume Quest, as well as access to the Twitch TV feeds. If you hand over more than the average asking price (currently US$7.21), you’ll get a prototype version of Brazen thrown in, too.

…and as a side note, three of the five winning game pitches have a female player character. The remaining two don’t actually have a defined player character at this stage. I like those odds.

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