App puts Grand Theft Auto radio in your pocket

While we’re all waiting ever-so-patiently for GTA V, it might be a nice time to stroll down Memory Lane (or, y’know, cruise it in your stolen wheels), with the appropriate musical accompaniment. A brand new smartphone app will give you all you need: Take a look at GTA Radio.

Grand Theft Auto Radio

(Should have been named ‘Grand Theft Audio’)

The app, designed exclusively for Android (now there’s a change), is available now, completely free from Google Play, and squishes all of your favourite Grand Theft Auto radio stations from GTA III onwards, into one handy device.

Sure, you might have the albums already, you might have pieced them together from other albums, or you might have found otherwise to get your tune fix – but GTA Radio also features the in-game, in-character “advertising” and Lazlow’s DJ antics as well as some killer tunes.

GTA Radio does not feature every radio station, but the developers are hard at work on this, and promise an update some time in the future to replace the ones that are missing.

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