Super Meat Boy Galaxy prototype held for ransom

A prototype “Super Meat Boy Galaxy” game created by Aubrey Hesselgren, a friend of Team Meat’s Tommy Refenes and based on the unforgiving Super Meat Boy is being held hostage. The only way we’ll see it released? Raise £10,000 quid for the Samaritans charity.

Hesselgren writes:

Super Meat Boy Galaxy is a prototype I put together for my friend Tommy’s 30th birthday a bit more than a year ago. I only recently released a video, and it seems to have gained a fair bit of attention.


I’ll release the Super Meat Boy Galaxy prototype for free as soon as my demands are met: raise 10,000 quid for The Samaritans, and the prototype will be released, free for all onto the internet.

What are you waiting for? Samaritans is a great cause: they provide 24-hour support for those in emotional distress or despair. I think that’s something we can all get behind, right? If you’re interested in the game or just interested in donating to a great cause, head over to their donation page and donate $10 of that money you were planning on wasting on Steam sale games you were never going to play anyway!

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