Student hired based on Football Manager portfolio

A 21 year old student has landed a football management job in Azerbaijan based on the strength of his Football Manager resume, in a rather surprising turn of events for everyone ever.

[img_big]center,10221,2012-09-11/AFC_Wimbledon__Overview-2.png,Football Manager 2013[/img_big]

The Swedish-based, Azerbaijani student Vugar Huseynzade is now the inbound manager of Azerbaijani Premier League Club FK Baku’s ‘A’ side. It’s not unheard of for people to submit their Football Manager portfolios in job applications, but it’s usually a joke. In this case, it seems it was very serious… and paid substantial dividends.

Huseynzade has a degree in Business Management from Boston University, and after initially being hired by FK Baku as an assistant/advisor based at least partially on his knowledge of the game and skills at Football Manager in February 2012, has now been made the manager of Baku’s ‘A’ side, who haven’t had a manager for almost two years.

Note to self: submit Letterpress score to next employer as credentials. It can’t possibly go wrong.

Thanks Yahoo! Sports.

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