Mike Morhaime Tech Entrepreneur of the Year

Blizzard CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime has today been recognised for Blizzard’s topnotchness. That’s a word, right?

Morhaime was named the Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, for Blizzard’s success, continuing standards of quality and its inclusive work inclusivity.

Bryan Pearce, Americas Director and former Entrepreneur of the Year had the following to say:

To use his words, Morhaime has unleashed his ‘inner geek,’ creating a cultural phenomenon that is unparalleled in the gaming industry. Morhaime brings a commitment to quality to his consumers and an inclusive work environment to his company, both of which have contributed to the immense success of Blizzard.

Ernst & Young stress the excellent culture Morhaime has encouraged at Blizzard, which “truly differentiates the company.”

Sweet work, Mr. Morhaime. Sweet work.

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